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A Designer's Approach: How can Autistic Adults with Learning Disabilities be Involved in the Design Process? 

A Quality Framework for Personalized Residential Supports for Adults with Developmental Disabilities

A Systematic Review of Quality of Life of Adults on the Autism Spectrum

At Home with Autism: Designing Housing for the Spectrum Hardcover

Autism and the Built Environment: Using Design to Improve Outcomes

CHOOSING NOW: Investing in Nova Scotians Living with Autism 

Comparing Costs and Outcomes of Supported Living with Group Homes in Australia

Designing for Autism Spectrum Disorders 

Developing a Core Competencies Framework for Positive Behavioral Support: Issues and Recommendations 

Effective Short Breaks Services for Families with Children with Autism Spectrum Disorders: How One Local Authority in the United Kingdom is Working to Meet the Challenge

Effectiveness of Boost-A; a Transition Planning Program for Adolescents on the Autism Spectrum: A Quasi-Randomized Controlled Trial 

Examples of Individual Supported Living for Adults with Intellectual Disability 

Exploring Sensory Preferences: Living Environments for Adults with Autism 

HELP for Behaviors that Challenge in Adults with Intellectual and Developmental Disabilities 

Improving Quality of Life Outcomes in Supported Accommodation for People with Intellectual Disability: What Makes a Difference? 

Living in the Community: Housing Design for Adults with Autism  

Making Homes That Work

 Mediating Effects of Social Support on Quality of Life for Parents of Adults with Autism

Neurodiversity, Quality of Life, and Autistic Adults, Shifting Research and Professional Focuses onto Real-Life Challenges 

Predictors of Quality of Life for Autistic Adults 

Preparing for the Future: A Review of Tools and Strategies to Support Autonomous Goal Setting for Children and Youth with Autism Spectrum Disorders 

Quality and Outcomes of Individual Supported Living (ISL) Arrangements for Adults with Intellectual and Developmental Disabilities  

Reviewing the Evidence for Supported Housing and ASD 

The School-Wide Evaluation Tool (SET): A Research Instrument for Assessing School-Wide Positive Behavior Support 

The Triad of Strengths: A Strengths-Based Approach for Designing with Autistic Adults with Additional Learning Disabilities 

The Willowbrook Futures Project: A Longitudinal Analysis of Person-Centered Planning 

Toward an Autism-Friendly Home Environment 

Transition from School to Work for Students with Autism Spectrum Disorders 

Housing Summit: White Paper (Final)